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Sustainable House Day is a natinal event tghat features sustainable dsign homes, almost always featuring double glazing.

Double Glazing Is Standard On Sustainable House Day


For many years, Solar House Day was an annual event run by the Australian Solar Energy Society. Homes around Australia opened to the public to display the latest in solar passive house design, sustainable building practices and materials, solar hot water and double glazing. There were even some glimpses of a brave new world, as some homes showed off solar panels! Although times have changed, the principles of good, sustainable home design remain much the same.

In recent years, Solar House Day has evolved to the more inclusive name of Sustainable House Day, and is now operated by the Alternative Technology Association nation-wide. I’m proud to have been heavily involved in both of the organisations, and in the Days, as a Sponsor, as a Committee Member, and as a volunteer helping show off the homes. In 2016 17,287 people visited 154 homes around the country.

This year, 2017, Sustainable House Day is being celebrated on Sunday September 17th. A likely record number of homes will be open, to show interested members of the public how good design and good materials can produce a home that is good to look at, comfortable to live in, and economical to heat and cool. There will be 20 homes open in Canberra and the Region alone. Of course, you’ll probably find double glazing in every one of them. For these homes, double glazing isn’t an exotic choice, it’s just a given, a commonsense standard inclusion.

Visiting homes on Sustainable House Day is free, so why not check out homes on display near you?  You could pick up some great ideas to improve your current home, or one you hope to build.

 Posted on : September 10, 2017
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