Sliding windows can have one fixed sash, or have both slide.

One, or both sashes can move in sliding windows.

Double Glazed Sliding Windows

What’s commonly called a sliding window, is more properly called a horizontal sliding sash window.It’s one of the most popular choices of window style.

In this design the sashes- two, or more, slide sideways.  Depending on your requirements, one or more of the sashes can be fixed, or all can slide- the configuration is up to you.

Fitted with double glazing, a sliding window is a very convenient, low maintenance and energy-efficient window. It will let cross breezes in when you want. Keep it closed, and you’ll keep warmth IN during winter, and keep annoying noise and summer heat OUT when closed.

You can choose your sliding windows to be manufactured in wood, aluminium, or in the increasingly popular uPVC.

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 Posted on : August 7, 2015