Double-hung windows with double glazing.

Traditional double hung style meets double-glazed efficiency.

Traditional Double-Hung Windows, Double Glazed

The double hung window is most common in older houses. It’s comprised of two sashes, one upper and one lower, that can both move up and down vertically, in the one frame.

A variant of the double-hung window is the single-hung, where only the bottom sash moves.


Some history of double hung windows

Double hung windows were popular in England. They were carried to both America and Australia as they were colonised.

In those times, of course, the only choice of material was wood.


Double hung windows today

In the 21st. century, Australian  customers can choose to have their double hung windows manufactured from timber, aluminium and uPVC. Choosing them to be double glazed delivers a whole lot of benefits, that will make life easier in so many ways.

You can learn more about double hung windows, and double glazing, from experts in Canberra and Melbourne.

 Posted on : August 7, 2015