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Double Glazing: Canberra

Double Glazing and the Canberra climate truly go together. Here are some of the ways that double glazing can make your Canberra home a much nicer place to live.


Canberra Winters are COLD. Double Glazing Canberra helps keep your home warmer

In winter, Canberra gets very, very cold cold, with many mornings well below zero, and some days maximums struggling to reach double figures. We have to have our heaters on for months of winter just to keep ourselves warm. A huge amount of heat is lost through old, inefficient single-paned windows. In your Canberra home, probably more heat is lost through poor windows and frames than any other area. That makes it hard to keep your home comfortably warm, and makes your heating expensive as well.


Canberra Summers are Hot. Double Glazing Canberra helps keep your home cooler

In Summer, Canberra can get very hot, often past 40C. Your home can heat up to very uncomfortable levels.  One answer is to turn up the air conditioning. That’s noisy, and expensive. It’s much better to keep the outside heat, well. outside. That’s where double glazing in Canberra works so well.. Old fashioned single-pane windows let that Summer heat in, as do metal frames.


Double glazing in Canberra can slash our energy bills, and cut our carbon footprint

Everyone’s a winner with double glazing. Your wallet will thank you, with much-reduced energy bills. You’ll also know that you are cutting your greenhouse gas emissions, and helping to mitigate global warming.


Canberra isn’t the quiet Bush Capital any more. It can be noisy. Double glazing in  Canberra provides sound insulation

There are many causes of noise pollution in residential areas. It can be freeway traffic noise, local entertainment, barking dogs, aircraft noise, noisy kids, lawnmowers, leaf blowers, inconsiderate neighbours. or motorbikes in nearby reserves. You name it, and it can destroy your family’s peace and quiet. Double glazing can assist by helping sound-proof your home. The twin panes of glass, and the argon-filled gap between them, can make a big difference to the amount of outside noise that enters your home. Whatever your needs, your new double glazed window will be custom-designed to meet them.


Condensation can be a real problem in Canberra. Double Glazing helps

When the air outside is cold, and the air inside your home is warm and moist, condensation can become a real problem. The moisture from the inside air can condense on the inside of your window. Old, thin, inefficient glass windows are the worst culprit. Condensation can damage your walls, your floors, your curtains. Often mould and mildew can be the result, and they can be very hard to get rid of.

Well designed real double glazing stops the inside glass from getting cold, and helps prevent condensation. So what is real, genuine double glazing?


Secondary Glazing vs Genuine Double Glazing

If you’ve been researching ‘double glazing’ on the Web, you’ll keep seeing references to Secondary glazing. Secondary glazing is the addition of a second pane to an existing window and frame. The second pane is usually fitted to the inside of the existing window, and is often attached by magnets. Often, acrylic is used instead of glass.

The main limitation of secondary glazing is that the existing window pane, which is retained, is usually not suited to optimise thermal or acoustic insulation.

Another limitation of secondary glazing is that the gap between the two panes is only filled with air. Air is a good conductor of heat. It should also be noted that he secondary glazing process utilises the existing window frames. To have any chance of performing, these need to be provide good insulation, and be well sealed against air infiltration. They also need to be in good condition- having to do maintenance (painting etc.) or having to replace the frames in the future, takes away the advantages of fitting new, genuine double glazing today.

You can tell if it’s genuine double glazing by checking the gap between the two glass panes. If it’s secondary glazing, the gap will be filled with ordinary air. If it’s genuine double glazing,, the gap will either be a vacuum, or be filled with a noble gas, usually argon. This ensures that less heat is transferred between the panes of glass. The extra energy-efficiency this provides is more important in Canberra than almost anywhere else in Australia.



Where can you get Double Glazing in Canberra? Here are a few good options…

Ultimate Windows Ultimate has been servicing the local Canberra double glazing market since 2007. The original range had thermally-broken aluminium frames. While they are still available, today their Deceuinck uPVC range outperforms and outprices the competition. Coming soon- a Canberra Showroom!

Solace Creations Offer a range of uPVC double glazed windows to the Canberra market.


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 Posted on : November 23, 2015