uPVC Framing And Home Security

uPVC window frames resist burglary.

How To Beat The Burglars. How Double Glazing and uPVC Framing Enhance Home Security.


Home security is a serious business. The costs can be high. First, there’s the cost of what is taken. Money, memories, valuable possessions. Then there’s the cost of the damage that’s done to gain access to your home. The last cost can be a very personal one… the feeling of violation, that someone has been in your home, invading your space, destroying your security.

You’d need to fill a book to cover all the aspects that contribute to home safety, so we aren’t going to cover much of the field here.

What we do want to do, is let you now that we’ve just uploaded an article that discusses some aspects of the subject, as they relate to windows, double glazing, and uPVC framing.

The majority of burglaries gain entrance through windows and doors. Obviously, burglars don’t want to attract attention, so smashing windows is not their best move. If they DO try to smash though a double-glazed window, they’ll find the outside pane thicker than the usual single-pane window, If they break the outside pane, they’ve then got to spend more time, and create more noise, to break through the second pane.

Because smashing through one or two panes of glass can be noisy, and attract the attention of neighbours, potential burglars will often try to force the windows.

That may be prising the glass out of the individual window frame, prising the window out of the larger frame, or trying to remove the whole window frame from the house.

With modern uPVC window frames, the burglars’ life is much more difficult! Enjoy the video, watching  a pretend burglar trying to force open a uVC window frame.

If you’d like to spend a bit of time getting inside the burglars’ heads, we have a video at the end of the article,  consisting of three convicted burglars discussing how they’d go about choosing your home to break into. The education they provide is free, but could save you a bundle.


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